Empower your digital marketing decisions.
We offer a dashboard that shows live results of your conversion funnel. Get immediate insights of your omni-channel campaigns in one screen.
A dashboard to maximize your conversion rates.
A higher conversion rate for you means more revenue, profit and a big smile on your face. See how your audience is engaging with your content and what that brings to your business.
Only the results that matter.
Taking all your results across your platforms and serving it to you in one convenient place. We tailor your dashboard so that it only delivers what is relevant for you and has the biggest impact.
Instant feedback on your marketing and growth.
A quick glance of our dashboard will tell you everything you need to know. It’s the most effective way of gaining insights that can be used to empower your marketing efforts.
“Digital Fans was able to slash the costs of acquiring new players to our app by a staggering 88%.”
Tobias Jonnarth, Quizye