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Loop Koop

BACKGROUND Stockholms Stadsmission, Hela Människan Botkyrka Salem and Verdandi Botkyrka are three non-profit organisations that are constantly trying to innovate and find new ways to improve society. This time they joined forces to do so, and started the project that became known as Loop Koop after having acquired funding for it through Tillväxtverket.

CHALLENGE The Loop Koop initiative needed a way to spread its message and a platform from which they could involve a bigger and much broader audience than just the textile industry itself. The goal was to create a platform that would enable them to start a conversation and get people involved in the initiative and eventually change the way we consume textile in Sweden.

Loop Koop is a website built to inspire and educate people on the huge textile waste we have in Sweden and how this initiative hopes to solve it.

The amount of textile waste that is collected in Sweden is staggering. Yet it is something most of us never actually see at all. We wanted to make it very visible and then let the textiles themselves tell the story of how things could be done instead.

We created a website that would captivate the visitor about something that is easily overlooked in a society built around continual consumption. Using stop motion we show the visitor how things could and should change in the industry. It translated into an eye catching and highly engaging experience that has given the Loop Koop project exposure to a broad audience.

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