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Lund & Lund

BACKGROUND Lund & Lund is a classic and well renowned fashion store in Stockholm. The store has been around since the 1940s and has always been a place to go to for the latest in men's fashion. Their clients are men of all ages looking for that sophisticated and personalized experience. Leaving the shop knowing they are tastefully dressed.

CHALLENGE Lund & Lund needed to attract a broader and younger audience than it does today. Historically they have always had a very loyal, yet tendency to be older clientele. The products have never been the issue, it’s been opening up the minds of the younger audience that Lund & Lund even is a fitting alternative for them. It was clear that we would have to find a new way to approach this younger audience.

Our social media campaign gave Lund & Lund a voice out to the younger audience they were looking to connect with. Offering advice on how to dress well for all those special occasions in their lives.

They are true mens fashion experts, constantly traveling to different parts of the world, in search of the latest looks suitable for the urban man. We believed we could successfully connect Lund & Lund with a younger audience by focusing on occasions in their lives where they’d like to make sure, without a doubt, that they are well dressed.

Through targeted social media ads we reached the audience with stylish tips and advice for those dire occasions in which they’d certainly want some pointers from someone like Lund & Lund. The summer picnic date, the job interview and wedding. The ads gave instant return, and several customers explicitly mentioned the ad campaign had gotten them in to come in.

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