The home of esport and gaming entertainment

MTG is a pure-play esport and gaming investment company. We have a portfolio of companies in two verticals, esport and gaming, comprising some of the strongest brands in the industry. MTG strives to be the partner of choice for esport and gaming entrepreneurs, bringing industrial expertise, know-how and financial flexibility. We have an active ownership approach, working in close collaboration with our portfolio companies to drive long-term profitability and sustainable growth. 

Firmly positioned in the world’s largest and fastest growing entertainment industry, MTG is committed to capture opportunities for profitable growth. We create shareholder value through a build-and-buy strategy where both verticals constitute strong platforms for expansion and value creation. We build our verticals with focus on diversification, product innovation, operational excellence and strategic M&A. 

Leveraging our #1 position in esports to drive monetization

MTG is a global market leader in esport through ESL Gaming, comprising the two brands ESL and Dreamhack. ESL Gaming operates numerous online and offline competitions, from high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments to grassroots amateur cups and matchmaking systems.

The esport market has a strong underlying momentum but remains substantially under-monetized compared to other pro sports. MTG is uniquely positioned in the esport ecosystem to capitalize on that opportunity. Our highest priority is to leverage our strong relations to players, fans, media partners, publishers and top-tier commercial partners globally, in order to drive monetization. We are also seeking opportunities to leverage our strong brand among players and fans to expand into other esport segments with attractive commercial potential.

Building a diversified portfolio of quality titles in gaming

MTG has a solid foothold in the midcore gaming segment through our portfolio companies InnoGames and Kongregate. Our strong track-record of profitable growth with successful titles is built on excellence in user engagement, user acquisition and innovation.

MTG see strong potential in growing and diversifying the gaming vertical. Organically through launching new titles and driving innovation in line with market trends for casual competition and mobile. And through strategic M&A where we can unlock value potential by leveraging our experience and know-how to improve and scale additional IP’s.