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Örebro Stadsmission

BACKGROUND Örebro Stadsmission is a non-profit organization that focuses its efforts locally within Örebro county. With more and more people in Örebro living in exclusion, Örebro Stadsmission combats this by operating and developing facilities for people living in vulnerable situations. They help the homeless, addicts, and much more so that they can have a better life.

CHALLENGE Örebro Stadsmission didn’t have a website yet at the time, and needed one in order to reach out and acquire donations as well as volunteers for their cause. To be a success, we believed that the website should to be easily navigated on all devices, it should be very clear as to how you could support their efforts in society and donating or becoming a volunteer should be right at your fingertips.

We built the Örebro Stadsmission website with transparency in mind. Making it clear to potential donors where their money is going and how they can contribute in other ways.

With a successful launch campaign (also created by us), Örebro was a city well on its way to becoming a warmer place to live and Örebro Stadsmission had an amazing launch. To complement the campaign we rolled out their website that cleverly portrayed the focus of Örebro Stadsmission’s efforts. Finding ways to give transparency about their business became a key factor.

By always having the different types of visitors in mind, we were able to find the right balance of content to satisfy everyone’s needs while retaining the website’s clarity. For instance, If you were a potential donor, you needed to know where your money is going without any doubts. Or if you were a potential volunteer, you want to quickly understand how you can contribute. Örebro Stadsmission is now thriving.

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