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BACKGROUND Quizye is a Stockholm based company with a passion for trivia and technology. They created an iOS app trivia game that enables you to compete against your friends as well as other people across the globe. In the future they plan to expand to android as well as other devices.

CHALLENGE Quizye had been marketing their app on their own before, but felt they were not optimizing their media spend and getting the results they desired. At the time it cost them too much to acquire one new player to their app. They felt that it simply was not sustainable, and were looking for a more cost effective way to acquire new users to their app.

We created a social media campaign that strategically targeted specific audience groups with content that catered to their interests and competitive spirit.

It became clear to us that we needed to find a overall concept that could be utilised indefinitely and still retain its high performance. No easy feat, but we believed that this could be done by catering toward the right interest groups via social media in conjunction with playfully showcasing the app’s gameplay.

We produced a wide range videos showcasing the app’s gameplay utilising easy questions to trigger the “I know this!” response, and then strategically targeted potential players on Facebook and Instagram. Each week new material was released to stay current to the topics in society. With each release we expanded Quizye’s reach further and got player base.

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