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BACKGROUND Spritmuseum is a unique museum located at Djurgården in Stockholm. It focuses on the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship to alcohol. They explore this through art, scenery, scents and even tastes. Many of the exhibitions feature Absolut Vodka’s advertisements as well as other Art from the Absolut Art Collection but there is plenty of more things to explore.

CHALLENGE With a new, exciting (and somewhat niched) exhibition called “Intoxicating Gardens: Cultivating Cocktails” Spritmuseum needed a way to reach out to people currently in Stockholm in a cost-effective manner. Mainly to become aware of Spritmuseum and it’s new exhibition, but also to drive visitors to the museum.

Each month when new content is added, we push it out in social media through careful targeting strategies. Giving people a taste of the exhibition, and relevant year-round inspiration.

As the exhibition was going to be running for the whole year, it was important to find a concept that would support that. We believe that you need to be generous and give more than you ask on social media to be successful. This is why our concept revolves around giving people a taste of the exhibition on the web, as well as giving them year-round inspiration.

To go with the theme of the exhibition (making your own spirits using your own garden), we created a seasonal calendar that can be an inspirational source for anyone interested in spirits and urban gardening. The calendar is updated on a monthly basis, where you can explore recipes, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, museum events and special days of the year.

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