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This is Nuts

BACKGROUND This Is Nuts is a company located in Stockholm that focuses on selling healthy and natural snack alternatives. There are plenty of healthy snack alternatives out there, but they often sacrifice taste or they use unnatural ingredients. This It Nuts wanted to fill that void and deliver products that all people can enjoy.

CHALLENGE Being a relatively new company, This Is Nuts needed to find a cost-effective way to reach out to people about their existence as well as and engage with them in a way that creates a lasting relationship. What should This Is Nuts stand for and convey? It was clear that This Is Nuts offers products that are for everyone and thus we needed to be inclusive and have a clear brand message.

We created a marketing strategy that revolves around strategic use of different social media channels. Ongoingly we produce new engaging content that captivates new audiences.

There is a little bit of athlete in each and every one of us. Not all of us play sports or visit a gym, but it could be as simple as running to catch the bus. “Healthy snacks for everyday athletes” became both an appropriate tagline as well as the essence that This Is Nuts needed to have present in all its communication.

Every week new engaging content is released on various social media channels to empower the everyday athlete. Empowering them with motivation, education and tasteful recipes. Through careful social media targeting we ensure maximum exposure toward entirely new audience groups and a high level of engagement with all of This Is Nuts’ content.

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