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Areas to explore with the new Facebook algorithm changes in mind.

By the end of this post you will:

– Be inspired by what you can can do with live content in mind.

– Be inspired by what you can can do on messenger.

– Be inspired by what a recurring series mindset can accomplish.


The Facebook Algorithm changes have shifted the core intent of the product from relevant content to meaningful conversations. (Read more about this in our post: “What is the Facebook Algorithm change all about?”.) With these changes in mind, it is time to explore some new angles that can help you get a leg up on your competition on Facebook.

Explore: Live Content

Live content may seem daunting at first, but the effort could well be worth it if done right. This content is in line with the Facebook algorithm changes due to live video being a highly interactive format. It was build for engagement and people to make comments. Those who are able to find their voice in a live setting will have a leg up on their competition.


Here are 3 examples that can help you explore the possibilities of doing live content:

1. Buzzfeed hosted a live dance competition. People who tuned in could suggest themes that the participants would dance. The viewers then voted on a scale of 1-10, and the participant with the best score won! This was an entertaining way of hosting a live show and sparked a lot of interactions. (PS. the clip above shows the theme “the drunken toddler, which got an average score of 7… I’m not sure I agree!)

2. Or maybe your business has peaks during certain seasons, such as the gym industry right after New Year. Kohl’s hosted a live workout session at one of their facilities where viewers could tune in to do one of their home-style workouts and also ask any questions they might have. This gave people a way to get a feel for Kohl’s from the comfort of their home and start to build a relationship.

3. Why not ask an expert some questions that you’ve never managed to get a clear answer to in the past? Sephora hosted a live broadcast with a well known hair-stylist and anyone tuning in could simply ask any and all questions that they had regarding hair styling. As you can see, you don’t need to do anything super fancy – just give great value to your audience. The session was recorded with a mobile phone. Q&A formats is very popular and has been successful across multiple industries.

Explore: Messenger

Another area worth exploring in the world of Facebook is their Messenger app. It is much more than just an instant messaging service. It is a way for you to converse and engage with your customers directly, in some very interesting ways.


Here are three examples of what you can do on Facebook Messenger:

1. If you have an e-com business this should excite you. You are able to create a shopping experience, all still within the messenger environment. This is done through creating a chatbot where your actions dictate what is show to the user. In the above example you can see how I went about checking out what the store had to offer me and eventually landed on a pair of shorts I might want to consider.

2. Or maybe you want to be able to give value to your following by having them be able to send in their questions and then your team is able to react and give advice? In the above example you are able to ask doctors a question and they crowdsource the answer to you. I ask if there are things I can do to get better sleep, and I found it quite ironic that they suggested to rest in a cool dark place as that is exactly what Sweden is during the winter months of the year.

3. What about all these tests and games that are always popular to share? Yupp, you can do that on Messenger too! In the above example you can test your knowledge about Game of Thrones. Can you guess who is on the right? (Psst. It’s Hodor and fun fact is that he is actually also a DJ.) As you can see there are many examples of giving your audience value in a totally new and still quite unexploited channel. Take advantage of this and get ahead of your competition!

Explore: Recurring Series

The third way is to focus on creating a recurring series of content. When people start to actively search for your content on Facebook this is noted by the Facebook algorithm and it gets leverage on placement in the news feed. Finding a way to connect your brand with a recurring theme that you can continually produce content for helps achieve this. The best type of recurring content are things that combine entertainment with educational value as they go a long way toward building new valuable relationships with your audience.


Here are three examples of recurring series formats that can inspire:

1. Discovery Channel have a Facebook series that is called Celebrity Animal Encounters. The show features celebrities, their personal stories with lovable, crazy, shocking and hilarious animals. If the animal story doesn’t trigger your audience, maybe it will be the celebrity. In other words they leveraged sharing a story that in turn triggered many comments from others who either commented about what they saw or shared their very own stories!

2. Or maybe you have a fancy for gaming? In the above example, IGN created a Facebook series that is called Best, Game, Ever. This series celebrates how mainstream the gaming industry has been as of late – it has become something quite universal. Entertainers, athletes, comedians, etc all give their opinion and reasons as to why the believe their game of choice is their favorite of all time. This triggered a frenzy of comments and opinions to be shared.

3. Another example that does an amazing job at combining many of the factors to consider regarding the Facebook algorithm changes are the rocket scientists at NASA. NASA created a recurring live broadcast of their rocket launches. Here viewers can follow along and also ask questions to NASA employees regarding the mission. A highly entertaining format that combines live format with recurring series to deliver something impactful to their audiences.


Do yourself a favor and explore these areas and what you could do for your business. There could very well be untapped potential and new loyal customers to acquire!

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