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Höga Kusten

CHALLENGE The World Heritage Site of Höga Kusten is managed by Länsstyrelsen Västernorrland and the visitor center by Naturum. They had two separate websites that both felt outdated and didn’t do the unique site justice. Our challenge was to find a way to unite these two pages – that had different purposes and goals – and create a website that felt more modern and was nicer to use.


SOLUTION In order to inspire toward a visit and help people discover all that this World Heritage Site has to offer, we let the breathtaking scenery do a lot of the talking. Through 3D illustrations the visitors can explore how the ice age formed the World Heritage Site. An interactive map lets them discover all the gems there are to see. Along with visitor center exhibitions, events and current information that can be explored during ones visit. We brought all these things together in a beautiful package to mirror the site’s splendor.

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