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BACKGROUND Länsstyrelsen Västernorrland is the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, which is the representative of the National Government in a western region of Sweden. They ensure that decisions from Parliament and the Government are implemented in the county and coordinate government activities.


CHALLENGE Länsstyrelsen Västernorrland is in charge of an EU funded project called Mittstråket, which aims to improve the traffic situation of the route between Sundsvall, Sweden and Trondheim, Norway. They were in need of a website that could keep residents informed about what is currently happening and how it affects them.

All the project’s constructions are sorted by area which enables residents to quickly find what affects them personally.

This EU project stretches over six municipalities and two countries, and as such, affects a lot of residents. We believe that this type of information should be easily accessible by all. That is why the website adheres to SCAG 2.0 standards for accessibility, making it easy to use for everyone, even for people with disabilities.


As new phases of construction rolls out, more content is added to the website. This keeps everyone up to date, as well as having the ability to follow the project’s progress from start to finish. Our website focuses upon the different regions that are affected, which makes it easy for residents to quickly find what will affect them personally.

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