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Monokel Eyewear

BACKGROUND Monokel Eyewear is a Scandinavian eyewear company situated in Stockholm that designs handcrafted statement sunglasses. Keeping true to their heritage, their designs reflect Scandinavian simplicity and quality. They are currently expanding toward new markets.


CHALLENGE Monokel Eyewear was in need of a new website that would do their designs justice. It was important for them that the website incorporated e-commerce, yet reflected their brand identity of being creative and unique. It was clear to us that a different approach and style was needed in order to successfully deliver a website that had it all.

All the website’s user interactions are continuously being utilized to identify recurring behaviors. This enables us to roll out new features and adjustments to increase performance.

We believed that we needed to rethink the way an e-commerce website is set up. The way you shop had to be different than the “candy-shop” experience to stay true to the brand. It had to be more subtle, without commercial messages and call to actions all over. Yet at the same time it still needed to retain high functionality.


We created an ecommerce website that focuses on letting the amazing products do most of the talking. With subtle and less intrusive ways to go about your shopping experience with a unique shop menu. As user interaction data is being gathered, new features and adjustments are implemented to increase sales without sacrificing the brand’s image.

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