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Örebro Stadsmission

BACKGROUND Örebro Stadsmission is a non-profit organization that focuses its efforts locally within Örebro county. With more and more people in Örebro living in exclusion, Örebro Stadsmission combats this by operating and developing facilities for people living in vulnerable situations. They help the homeless, addicts, and many others so that they can have a better life.


CHALLENGE Örebro Stadsmission needed a way to engage with society in order to get them to become volunteers or give donations. It became clear that a different approach was warranted to win people’s attention, opposed to the typical NGO campaign that showcases hardship in order to win sympathy.

Our social media campaign focused on inclusiveness and positivity. Each day a unique post including an Örebro resident spread the message and encouraged others to participate.

Despite the fact that Sweden is getting colder and colder in the month of December, we believed that the residents of Örebro could make the county seem like it was actually getting warmer and warmer. “Warmer” playfully referring to the thoughtfulness people had toward each other. As the campaign was to last 24 days (until Christmas), we needed a way to keep people’s attention and give them something new and relevant on a daily basis.


We created a daily weather report pushed out every morning on social media, brought to you by the residents themselves who firmly stood behind the message of “together we are making Örebro warmer”. People of all ages, professions and life situations joined in to help spread the message.

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