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What’s new on all of Facebook’s different platforms?

While everyone enjoys their summer vacation, some new and fun features were released for Facebook and Instagram recently. We have summarized the latest releases for you to try out during your holiday.

The news that got me the most excited are the AR ads that Facebook is currently testing in the U.S. With this feature, users can virtually try on items before purchasing them. Sounds amazing, right? The American fashion company Michael Kors is one of the first brands to try the AR ads with their sunglasses, but more brands will follow shortly. The ads will look like the Facebook ads we are used to, but also have a new Call to Action “Tap to try it on” in the image. Then a virtual fitting room will open up using the mobile phone’s camera and trying the advertised product. It will also be possible to switch the camera if you – for example – want to check out how furniture will look in your home. Can’t wait until these ads will be released globally!

Besides this exciting new feature, a lot has happened on Instagram recently.

Instagram is going television! In June, IGTV was launched. This new Instagram feature is also a standalone app for publishing and watching longer videos from Instagram creators. The vertical videos can range from 10 minutes up to one hour. And instead of tv channels, the video creators are the channels on IGTV. So if you want to, you can start a channel and show your own videos as well. You can like and comment on the films and also send direct messages to the channels. This brings some exciting competition for YouTube! So far, there are no ads in IGTV – something that most likely will changes in the near future.

Marketers can now globally run collection ads on Instagram as well. These collection ads are similar to Facebook’s collection ads, displaying several products under the ad visual. When clicking on it, a full screen canvas will open up showing more details about the product which leads to a nice and easy user experience.

Instagram also launched new shoppable stickers and bringing shopping to Instagram Stories. There is now a shopping bag icon, as well as a sticker with the product name and translucent text. Currently it is only available for chosen brands, but Instagram promised that more are coming soon. Definitely something that we want to try out since Instagram Stories had over 300 million active daily user at the end of last year.

After the popular Instagram poll sticker that was all over Instagram Stories since autumn last year, a new and addictive feature has arrived: the questions sticker. Most likely you have seen it already, since everyone is trying it out right now. A fun new way to interact with your followers by asking and answering questions.

And last but not least, something for all of you who like reports: Facebook recently released the report “Why Messaging Business is the New Normal” about the rise of messaging apps and how business messaging will be more and more important. Time to start thinking if you want to use a bot, how you visually want to communicate, how to find a way to scale and much more when seeing these numbers.

Find the report with more details here!

Enjoy the sun while trying out all the new features and stay tuned for more updates.

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